Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Conference, Las Vegas

ORH was pleased to sponsor the Metro Fire Chiefs Conference for the first time this year. The conference in Las Vegas was an excellent platform from which to discuss issues within the fire sector, and the educational sessions proved to be very informative. Throughout the conference, the term big data was applied within several areas, and it was clear that using statistics from a variety of sources can help fire departments in their decision making.  In particular, data surrounding incident trends, local risks, populations and demographic factors are all of great importance.ORH uses these datasets, combined with incident and response data from CAD, not only to analyse the current position and historical patterns, but also to build optimisation and simulation models which can be used to consider potential changes to operations in great detail. ORH looks forward to working with more fire services in the US to assist them with analysis and modelling in order to evaluate the current level of achievement against NFPA 1710 standards and subsequently how this would be affected by a range of factors.

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