ORH Staff Stories

Working at ORH gives you the opportunity to apply analytical and problem-solving skills to varied projects; you can see the real impact of your work with emergency services around the world.


BSc in Mathematics Operational Research in Statistics

I deal directly with clients every day, whether it be asking questions, responding to their queries or presenting results. Meeting clients from lots of interesting backgrounds (front-line staff, management and politicians) has broadened my horizons. The specialist nature of the work means I’m learning more each time and can apply this when working on other projects for different organisations. It is great to have been involved in projects where the services have implemented our work straight away and realised the benefits from this. ORH has a very collaborative environment; I can ask anyone about a problem, even if they’re not part of the project team, and we get to share our ideas. I’m also involved in helping to improve ORH’s internal processes and supporting others in their development.

JACK WILLETT, Analytical Consultant

BSc in Geography

My work involves collaborating closely with colleagues and applying problem-solving skills to a variety of projects. The work is always interesting, engaging and challenging in a good way; it requires me to think about questions in a different light. I can always talk to someone to discuss a particular issue, and the cohesion of the company helps to balance the workload across projects and people. Working with the emergency services feels very rewarding as it can make a real difference, so it is a great field in which to apply my GIS experience and other skills in analysing data. Outside of work, the social events are great fun – particularly a GPS treasure hunt around Reading – and there are many opportunities that you wouldn’t expect from other companies.

DR TOM BONESS, Senior Software Engineer

MSci in Maths and Physics; PhD in Physics

The most enjoyable part of my role is seeing how ORH’s analysts and consultants, as well as our clients, use the tools and applications I develop. It is very rewarding to work closely with the people who use them on a daily basis and discuss how they can be enhanced to solve new problems. One example of this was developing a tool for the Royal Flying Doctor Service to evaluate medical service provision in Remote and Very Remote areas of Australia, which presented a series of unique challenges. We are encouraged to take the initiative in the work we do, which leads to a strong sense of responsibility within the company.

VICTORIA HISCOCK, Placement Analyst 2018/19

BSc in Mathematics

My role involves producing client-worthy analysis, predominately using SQL and Excel, and modelling real-life situations using ORH’s bespoke software. I have had the opportunity to work with everyone in the office, on a range of interesting projects and questions, and I feel that my opinions and thoughts are always listened to and taken on board. The highlight of my time at ORH was attending a client meeting where my own analysis and modelling work was presented; this was the first project that I worked on from start to finish and I contributed ideas throughout and helped in delivering the final product. Outside of the office, company social events have helped me mesh well into the team during my placement year.

After finishing her studies at the University of Bath, Victoria returned to ORH in a permanent role.

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