Evidence-based consultancy

We have set the benchmark for emergency service planning, with a proven approach combining rigorous scientific analysis with experienced, insightful consultancy. Our expert team uses sophisticated modelling techniques to identify opportunities for improvement and uncover hidden capacity. Simulating future scenarios ensures that solutions are objective, evidence-based and quantified.

Every organisation faces a unique set of challenges, so remaining independent and flexible allows us to deliver an appropriate solution every time. The outputs of our work enable clients to make robust, data-driven decisions and explain them clearly to stakeholders.

ORH’s approach is always tailored to the needs of the client.  Above all, we are committed to getting it right, for the good of our clients and the people who rely on their services.


Emergency Medical Services

Projecting future demand and optimising the deployment of resources is essential for improving response capabilities.

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Understanding and quantifying risks allows fire services to use their people and vehicles in the most effective manner.

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Non-emergency Transport

Optimising locations and improving scheduling systems are crucial for efficient delivery of non-emergency transport.

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Control rooms

An effective control room needs the optimal staff mix to manage resources dynamically using innovative technology.

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Balancing the competing demands on service provision determines the effectiveness and efficiency of police services.

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Other Sectors

Planning the locations and capacities of facilities can improve the provision of services to the public.

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Why do services need ORH?

Emergency services need to quantify the risks they face and plan for future challenges. ORH helps services to operate more effectively and efficiently by modelling complex scenarios and supporting decision making. This video introduces the reasons why services use ORH and how we help.

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