Service Planning Software

ORH has developed bespoke simulation models that can be adapted for different types of emergency service in order to resolve complex planning problems. Our planning software has been successfully used by organisations serving a diverse range of areas, from major capital cities to vast, largely rural states.

With ORH’s simulation models, a service can quickly understand how changes to controllable factors such as resource deployment, standby locations and dispatch protocols will affect performance and vehicle utilisation, as well as the impact of uncontrollable factors such as rising demand.

ORH provides not only the software but comprehensive training to enable clients to use it, giving them an understanding of simulation processes and key techniques used in service planning. We also offer ongoing support to all software users on an individual basis. This knowledge transfer from ORH’s experienced consultants, combined with our sophisticated models, equips service planners with the tools they need to optimise performance and use resources in the most efficient way.

ORH has supplied planning software to clients including:

New South Wales Ambulance

A suite of software was developed for NSW Ambulance to address a wide range of issues arising from the diverse geographies that it serves, from small-town stations in rural areas to busy metropolitan districts of Sydney.
Read the case study: Supplying Service Planning Software to NSW Ambulance

East of England Ambulance Service

ORH was commissioned to undertake a clinical capacity review for EEAST. The simulation model created was then supplied to the service, along with scenario files incorporating projected changes to aid future service planning.
Read the case study: Clinical capacity planning – review and software support for East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust

ORH is the trading name of Operational Research in Health Limited, a company registered in England with company number 2676859.

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