Dynamic Cover Tool

ORH developed its Dynamic Cover Tool (DCT) to assist decision-making in emergency service control rooms. The DCT helps to improve incident and risk coverage and ensures resources are used as efficiently as possible.

Dynamic cover is the process of relocating available resources to maintain appropriate standards of risk and response cover across an area. ORH’s DCT software provides a real-time visual aid to support the control officer in making appropriate back-up or standby moves for emergency response vehicles. Designed specifically for the emergency services, the DCT can be adapted to all service types and a range of geographies, from major capital cities to large rural states.

ORH works closely with services to set up the software and link it to their computer-aided dispatch systems, providing full training to control teams. ORH also offers ongoing support to all users of its software on an individual basis.

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ORH has worked with a number of clients to develop and implement the DCT, including:

London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority:

The Dynamic Cover Tool (DCT) was first developed by ORH as part of its consultancy work with the LFEPA. It was implemented in 2010 and has been enhanced subsequently in response to user feedback and changes to operational procedures.
Read the case study: Provision of the DCT in the London Operations Centre for London Fire Brigade

Fire and Rescue New South Wales:

The DCT was implemented in FRNSW’s two control centres to improve the coverage of risk and facilitate standby moves between stations. It has been particularly helpful in making planning decisions during severe bush fires.
Read the case study: State-wide provision of the DCT for Fire and Rescue New South Wales


ORH was commissioned to develop the National Asset Tool (NAT) for use within the FRSNCC area of the control room to help supervisors make informed decisions when deploying National Resilience appliances and equipment across England and Wales.
Read the case study: Provision of National Asset Tool to FRSNCC

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