Health Facilities

ORH has carried out many facility optimisation projects for organisations in the health sector, including studies of emergency service response locations and the reconfiguration of hospital specialties. These are typically used to inform future estate strategy and to ensure adequate service provision.

ORH combines analysis, modelling and consultancy to solve complex planning questions, such as:


How many health facilities are required and where should they be located?
Read the case study: Access modelling for burns centres in England & Wales for National Burn Care Group

Travel mode:

What are the impacts of changes in mode of travel use (car, public transport, walking) on hospital access?
Read the case study: Assessing the patient access and flow impacts of service reconfiguration for A Picture of Health

Minimum access times:

Where should facilities be located in order to meet clinical access time requirements?
Read the case study: Impact assessment for reconfiguring maternity and paediatric services for Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

ORH is the trading name of Operational Research in Health Limited, a company registered in England with company number 2676859.

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