Highlights from ORH’s inaugural Ambulance Client Conference

March 2024 saw ORH host its first ambulance client conference. The two-day event, held at the Select Car Leasing stadium in Reading, brought together representatives from seven ambulance services across the UK. The conference served as a platform for those involved in service planning to share experiences and discuss common challenges, and included a mix of speakers from ORH and our clients.

Day 1 was the AmbSim User Group session, where clients who use ORH’s ambulance simulation model, AmbSim, within their service planning team met to discuss the software. Sessions included forecasting and planning, getting the most out of the in-built visualisations, and discussing the approach taken by different clients.

A social networking event was organised in the evening of Day 1 to bring ambulance service colleagues and ORH staff together.

Day 2 focused on the challenges facing ambulance services, and included sessions on:

  • Different options for handling relief in rosters
  • Operationalising the outputs from strategic reviews
  • Workforce Planning
  • Differences in operating models in the dispatch functions across the UK
  • ‘Silo-busting’ service planning in an ambulance service

The event concluded with a round-table discussion about what the future holds for ambulance services, and likely challenges. Feedback from the event was very positive, and we will soon be planning our next client conference. If you’d like to receive any information on future events, please get in contact at enquiries@orhltd.com

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