Police Forces

ORH has carried out studies of many aspects of police service provision across operations and control. We support forces in meeting the challenges of modern operational policing, maintaining and improving services while under increasing fiscal pressure.

With around two-thirds of the police workforce in frontline roles, it is essential that efficiency measures are subjected to detailed scrutiny in order to minimise the impact on response performance and patrol visibility. ORH’s proven, evidence-based approach involves extensive analysis and modelling, giving clients confidence in plans for change.

ORH uses sophisticated optimisation and simulation tools, developed specifically for emergency service organisations, to inform strategic development and resource planning and to identify efficiency measures. Our work has included advising on estate strategy across stations and custody suites, assessing frontline tiering options and rosters to improve resource/demand matching, and optimising response performance and patrol visibility. ORH’s unique Dynamic Cover Tool can also support day-to-day decision-making in control rooms.

ORH helps police forces to solve complex strategic and operational questions, such as:


How will estate and patrol zone configurations need to change to meet future demand?
Read the case study: Developing a 20-year facilities plan for York Regional Police

ORH is the trading name of Operational Research in Health Limited, a company registered in England with company number 2676859.

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