Co-Responding Review for CLG

At the recent LGA Fire Conference 2014 in Cardiff, the topics of greater collaboration with the ambulance service and the potential for co-responding were frequently discussed.  In 2008, ORH was commissioned by Communities and Local Government (CLG) to undertake a study into Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) co-responding.  The final report was published by CLG in January 2009 and is available to download here.

The report provides a snapshot of key co-responding statistics and other relevant information for England up to December 2007; prospects for FRS co-responding were also considered.  Although the data contained within the report is a few years old, the key themes are relevant to current discussions.  ORH has extensive experience of working alongside both ambulance and fire services, and can use modelling techniques to examine the attendance and workload impacts associated with co-responding.

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