Staff Profiles

James BatchelorConsultant

James has been involved in a range of data analysis and modelling reviews for emergency services, both in the UK and overseas. He works closely with clients to understand their requirements, and tailors the use of ORH’s simulation and optimisation software to solve complex service planning issues. James also plays a key role in the development of ORH’s Dynamic Cover Tool (DCT).

James first gained experience in advanced analytical techniques and mathematical modelling through his master’s degree, where he carried out client project work for Virgin Atlantic’s Strategy and Analytics division.

Outside of work James has travelled to six continents and is determined to make it to the seventh. Closer to home, he enjoys kayaking, climbing and mountain biking and is the proud holder of a speedboat licence.

Recent projects

  • Determining the capacity required for call taking and dispatch for North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust
  • Managing a review of emergency ambulance provision for St John Ambulance Australia (NT)
  • Implementing ORH’s DCT in Fire and Rescue New South Wales
  • Modelling staff requirements for operations and control for London Ambulance Service NHS Trust
Dr Tom BonessSoftware Engineer

Since joining ORH in 2013 Tom has been involved in developing, maintaining and supporting simulation models and other software tools used both externally by clients and internally by consultants at ORH.

In his previous employment Tom was part of a small team developing medical audit software for use in GP practices in the UK. This provided him with experience of developing fast algorithms and easily deployable software with a clear user interface.
Tom has an academic background in theoretical physics and numerical modelling. This forms a solid foundation for his work on the mathematical models used by ORH.

In his spare time Tom enjoys playing board games, swimming and hiking. He is also a founding member of the ORH badminton group and plays on a weekly basis.

Recent projects

  • Working with consultants at ORH and stakeholders at the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia to design the Service Planning and Operational Tool
  • Designing the Patient Transport Simulation Model (PTSim) to simulate non-emergency patient transport services
  • Maintaining and extending the functionality of ORH’s ambulance service simulation model (AmbSim)
  • Developing the Fixed Wing Model (FWM) to simulate emergency transport and inter-hospital transfers of patients by fixed wing vehicles
Daniel ClarkeSoftware Engineer

Through his degree Daniel gained experience of mathematics, statistics and computer programming. A key aspect of his course concerned translating real world scenarios into mathematical and computer models. He also completed a condensed matter physics project that required extensive simulation and modelling.

Daniel previously worked in environments that processed large amounts of financial and payment data. Rigorous testing and high standards of security were critical in maintaining these sensitive datasets. He has worked on large customer facing web applications and has used a variety of server side technologies, including ASP.NET and Node.js.

His role at ORH involves Daniel working closely with consultants to create innovative simulation models tailored to client needs, and with analysts to develop in-house tools that empower faster data processing.

Daniel is an avid movies fan, whether it be watching new releases at the cinema or a classic at home. He also enjoys reading and playing video and strategy games.

Recent projects

  • Implementing web-based mapping and graphing views into the user interface of ORH’s simulation software
  • Developing the Joint Aeromedical Model to enable the simulation of fixed and rotary wing vehicles for aeromedical services
  • Enhancing the capability and functionality of ORH’s Matrix Tool software to enable faster processing of travel time data
Andrew CooperSenior Consultant

Andrew has a wealth of experience working with emergency services, with particular emphasis on managing consultancy projects for fire services. He oversees implementations of ORH’s Dynamic Cover Tool (DCT) and is now responsible for its continuing development.

Andrew’s previous professional experience and academic background in mathematics provided a good foundation in analysis and mathematical modelling. These skills have been further enhanced at ORH and are applied in solving complex service planning issues.

When he’s not working, Andrew is likely to be found running, hiking or spending time with his young family. He is also ORH’s reigning karting champion.

Recent projects

Andrew GregganConsultant

Since joining ORH Andrew has been involved in a range of consultancy projects for emergency services, both in the UK and overseas. These have included asset management strategies and demand and capacity reviews, from undertaking analysis and modelling to engaging with stakeholders and presenting outcomes. Andrew has also been involved in ORH’s modelling of sports facility provision.

In recent times, Andrew has been responsible for modelling changes to ambulance call categorisations and standards driven by the Ambulance Response Programme (ARP), plus Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) impacts on ambulance service operations. Andrew has also used ORH’s bespoke optimisation software to optimise station locations for ambulance and fire services.

Away from the office, Andrew likes to cook new recipes and sample craft beers. He enjoys watching football, and travelled around France spectating at EURO 2016.

Recent projects

Dr Charlotte GurneyConsultant

Dr Charlotte Gurney works with ORH’s emergency service clients, and has been closely involved in more than 50 studies of emergency ambulance cover. She also manages ORH’s facility planning work for Sport England and sportscotland.

Charlotte has been engaged in developing practical applications for theoretical research throughout her career, and has extensive experience within both academic and commercial organisations in the UK and the US. Prior to joining ORH in 1998, she specialised in spatial data analysis, with particular emphasis on satellite-based remotely sensed data and the development of automated data interpretation software. She has been able to build on and apply this expertise while at ORH, using her experience of software design to enhance ORH’s suite of modelling tools.

In her spare time, Charlotte is an obsessive reader, mainly of fiction. She also spent ten years as an advisor for the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, while still holding down her day job.

Recent projects

Graham HollandPrincipal Consultant

Graham is an experienced emergency services planner, responsible for managing projects for fire and rescue services. He has also played a key role in the development of ORH’s Dynamic Cover Tool (DCT) software.

On joining ORH, Graham initially concentrated on the application of GIS software. He has since built up considerable skill in data analysis and modelling, with a particular focus on fire and rescue services. In recent years Graham has used this experience to manage a wide range of projects for fire service clients around the world.

In his spare time Graham can often be found attending live sports events, whether it be football, golf, tennis, cricket or something else. He is also a keen skier and hiker, so the Alps are one of his favourite places to visit. Graham’s ambition is to have a single-figure handicap at golf.

Recent projects

David LundqvistAnalytical Consultant

Prior to joining ORH David gained experience in population forecast modelling and service reconfiguration at Oxfordshire County Council. This involved the use of a range of simulation and modelling software packages, in addition to maintaining the Council’s own forecasting model.

In his current role David has been involved in a number of projects for both UK and overseas emergency services, undertaking a range of data analysis and modelling tasks. He has also worked on projects that model sports facility provision at national and local level.

Outside of work David enjoys cooking, reading and travelling, particularly on city breaks around Europe. He is also a keen video gamer and has won numerous e-sports competitions over the years.

Recent projects

  • Analysing emergency ambulance provision for Scottish Ambulance Service
  • Modelling call taker and dispatch desks for South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
  • Assessing response performance impacts of potential crewing changes for Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service
  • Identifying socio-economic factors associated with different risks for Tasmania Fire Service
Gill MasonAnalytical Specialist

Prior to joining ORH in 2005 Gill spent seven years as a business systems analyst, developing strong skills in both data and systems analysis and becoming proficient in software programs including VBA, SQL, Lotus Script and Microsoft Office.

In her role at ORH, Gill supports consultancy projects for emergency services by managing and analysing CAD data. She regularly takes the leading role in ORH’s analysis of ambulance services, both in the UK and overseas. In addition, Gill is responsible for maintaining a key strategic tool for assessing the provision of sports facilities across the UK.

Gill enjoys landscape photography and, in pursuing her hobby, has travelled widely around the UK. She also enjoys crafts, painting, reading, gardening and walking in her spare time.

Recent projects

  • Analysing the current service profile for Northern Ireland Ambulance Service
  • Running the Facility Planning Model for Sport England and sportscotland
  • Benchmarking demand and performance by CCG for North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust
  • Undertaking baseline analysis of urban and rural areas for New South Wales Ambulance
Hannah MayesConsultant

Hannah has an academic background in mathematics, operational research and statistics, and studied statistical analysis, mathematical modelling and optimisation as part of her degree.

Since joining ORH in 2013, Hannah has been involved in a range of analysis and modelling reviews for UK and overseas ambulance clients, as well as patient transport and aeromedical services. She is an expert user of ORH’s simulation and optimisation programs in solving issues relating to service provision, and delivers high quality outcomes to clients and their stakeholders through consultation.

Outside of work Hannah likes reading crime thrillers and attending gigs and festivals. She also enjoys classical music and played the cello for over ten years.

Recent Projects

Jon MobbsPrincipal Consultant

Jon is an experienced emergency services planner, responsible for managing ORH projects for emergency medical service providers in the UK and around the world. Jon also plays a key role in the development of ORH’s simulation model, AmbSim, for emergency medical services.

On joining ORH, Jon initially focused on data analysis and simulation modelling of emergency medical services, before taking on a consulting and project managing role.

When not at work, Jon enjoys taking part in kickboxing and circuit-training classes, playing badminton, solving Japanese logic puzzles and reading crime thrillers.

Recent projects

Chris PoldenManaging Director

As Managing Director of ORH Chris is responsible for overseeing all ORH projects, ensuring that they run to schedule and are of a consistently high standard.

During his time as a senior consultant Chris gained extensive project management experience across a wide range of projects, varying in both size and sector, which broadened his knowledge base considerably.
As a consultant Chris was heavily involved in data analysis and modelling of the provision of emergency services, focusing particularly on emergency ambulance cover.

In his spare time Chris enjoys travelling, tenpin bowling and playing cards and board games. He is an enthusiastic cook and has also tried brewing his own beer at home.

Recent projects

Rebecca SimonsSenior Consultant

Rebecca has been involved in a wide range of data analysis and modelling reviews and now manages projects for fire and rescue services and on facility access. She is experienced in applying ORH’s fire simulation model, FireSim, and optimisation model, OGRE, to a variety of problems concerning estate strategy and appliance deployments. Rebecca has also used her skills in cartography and GIS to develop ORH’s use of road networks and routing software in the formation of travel time matrices.

In addition to her emergency services projects, Rebecca manages ORH’s work for Sport England and sportscotland. This involves engaging with stakeholders in local authorities, working with the latest population projections and modelling sports facility provision. Rebecca has also developed spreadsheet tools for quantifying the impact of changes to local hospital configurations and providing key statistics for national charities.

Rebecca is involved with several local theatre groups, designing the lighting for productions. When on holiday, she likes to set some time aside to swim, bike and run as training for her next triathlon. She also plans her leisure itinerary to involve as much parkrun tourism as possible.

Recent projects

  • Reviewing depot locations for Kirklees Council
  • Analysing existing facility provision and identifying the optimum locations for England Athletics
  • Identifying and appraising options for change for Essex County Fire and Rescue Service
  • Developing service planning tools for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia
Mike VicaryDirector

Mike has 39 years of consultancy experience working in the public sector on resource planning and modelling reviews, mostly in the role of project manager. These projects have included major national reviews for the Department of Health, the Home Office and the National Audit Office, as well as local studies for purchasers and providers of services in most areas of England, Scotland and Wales. He has also managed several large ORH consultancy projects outside the UK, including reviews in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the Gulf States.

Mike co-founded ORH in 1986 and remains actively involved in all project and development work undertaken by the company. His expertise lies in managing projects that involve quantitative analysis and modelling of operational service provision across the health and emergency service sectors.

Away from the office Mike enjoys trying out new curries in the kitchen and tending to his vegetable garden. To keep reasonably fit he swims regularly and walks in the countryside. Mike enjoys travelling in his vacations, particularly around southeast Asia.

Recent projects

ORH is the trading name of Operational Research in Health Limited, a company registered in England with company number 2676859.

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