Optimising Locations

ORH offers a unique service that helps a range of public-sector organisations to answer complex planning questions about the location and capacity of their facilities.

ORH’s approach is based on proven Operational Research (OR) methods. We analyse and model the interactions between travel times and current and future road networks, population levels and demographics in order to deliver robust planning solutions that are objective, evidence-based and quantified. ORH also offers a bespoke consultancy service, provided by consultants with a thorough understanding of facility location planning, developed over the course of many projects at a national, regional and local level.

What ORH offers:

  • An improved understanding of facility location issues across all stakeholder groups
  • Bespoke modelling tools to identify optimal solutions
  • An objective, independent assessment of options with clear supporting evidence
  • A flexible, open-minded and customer-centric approach

Read more about ORH and optimising locations.


ORH’s Optimisation Model uses a sophisticated, geographically based genetic algorithm to evaluate multiple options for resource locations. The model can be used to identify optimum facility locations and resource deployments. Read more about how optimisation works.

ORH’s Range Cover Models are used to test location planning scenarios to ensure optimum coverage and accessibility. The models are based on data from NAVTEQ’s global street map network and Ordnance Survey’s Integrated Transport Network with footpaths. Achievable road speeds are calculated with data about road categories and classifications, as well as routing information for vehicle restrictions, one-way roads and turn restrictions. RouteFinder routing software is then used to analyse travel times and examine the impact of changes or disruption to networks, such as closing roads, changing speeds or changing the direction of travel. This allows ORH to create bespoke range cover models tailored to a particular service. Read more about how range cover works.

ORH is the trading name of Operational Research in Health Limited, a company registered in England with company number 2676859.

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