The Impact of Covid-19 on Sport Participation

SE Participation Graph

As leisure centres and sport clubs begin to re-open across the UK, ORH takes a look at the impact that Covid-19 has had on sport participation.

Sport participation data from Sport England’s Active Lives survey is crucial for calculating the demand from the population for Sport England and sportscotland’s Facility Planning Model (FPM), which ORH operates and maintains. However, for a third of this year, there’s been no participation in activities involving indoor facilities such as, swimming, badminton and squash, and no team sports (at amateur level). So, what have we been doing instead, and will we maintain this behaviour?

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The Impact of Covid-19 on Ambulance Response Data


As we begin venturing back into the office, ORH looks at the impact that Covid-19 has had on ambulance response data.

Historical data is an important element of ORH’s analysis for model inputs. The type and number of incidents that emergency service vehicles respond to play an important part in the forecasting of future incidents. When we come to analyse the data for 2020 there will be unusual patterns that will, hopefully, not be reflective of what we can expect of future behaviour.

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The Talent Developing ORH’s Software


Our unique models are designed to help emergency services make difficult decisions in real time and plan for the future. To keep our software at the cutting edge, we have a small team of talented developers working hard to innovate and solve new problems. Tom has been working at ORH for the last six years developing, maintaining and supporting our software, which is used both externally by clients and internally by our consultants. His profile explores in more detail the interesting projects he’s been working on recently.

Apprentice Analyst Position


ORH is looking for an apprentice with enthusiasm, curiosity, drive, technical know-how and the ability to communicate clearly and convincingly. This exciting opportunity will combine identifying patterns and making the right connections in a variety of large-scale data sets, while working towards a Level 4 Apprenticeship qualification. If you are interested in applying, full details of this role and the recruitment process can be found in the job description. We look forward to hearing from you.

ACT Government invests in emergency services after ORH review


The ACT Government in Australia has announced plans to deliver additional emergency service vehicles and stations based on the advice of ORH’s review of the Station Upgrade and Relocation Plan (SURP). ORH used projected changes to both population and road journey times to create 2028 demand scenarios for both the ambulance and fire services in Canberra. Our simulation and optimisation models were used to predict changes to operations and identify the number of vehicles and locations required by each service to maintain and improve emergency response standards in the future. Read the full story

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