Emergency Medical Services

ORH has carried out studies on all aspects of ambulance service provision across operations and control, including the resource and skills mix, clinical indicators and triage. In addition to land-based services, ORH is also experienced in aeromedical services for fixed and rotary wing provision.

ORH staff have gained a deep understanding of emergency medical services over many years of working with clients in this sector. We undertake both comprehensive and targeted studies to provide real insight into the challenges that these organisations face, and to ensure that the solutions are robust and sustainable. ORH has also developed a suite of powerful computer models specifically to simulate emergency medical services, which have been used to support a wide variety of projects around the world.

We combine analysis, modelling and consultancy to solve complex planning questions, such as:


What are the demand, deployment and resource requirements for providing effective and efficient paramedic service operations over a 10-year horizon?
Read the case study: Comprehensive Deployment Review of Paramedic Services for the County of Simcoe

Resource planning:

How many resources by day, hour, location and type are required to meet service response and clinical standards?
Read the case study: Clinical capacity planning – review and software support for East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Future resource projections:

How many resources will be required and where should they be located, given projected demand for services in the future?
Read the case study: Rural service planning for Ambulance Victoria

Estate strategy reviews:

What is the optimal estate configuration to meet current or future demands on the service?
Read the case study: Developing a 10-year facilities masterplan for York Region Emergency Medical Services


What is the optimal configuration of fire and ambulance stations, maximising the potential from joint locations?
Read the case study: Joint Strategic Planning for the Australian Capital Territory Emergency Services Agency

Aeromedical services:

What is the appropriate level and disposition of rotary wing resources to provide effective and efficient coverage?
Read the case study: Rotary wing review for New South Wales Ambulance


What is the appropriate level and disposition of fixed wing resources to provide effective and efficient coverage?
Read the case study: Aeromedical modelling for Royal Flying Doctor Service


What is the optimal estate configuration and resource deployment to allow services to meet contracted key performance indicators (KPIs) efficiently?
Read the case study: Patient Transport Service modelling for Yorkshire Ambulance Service

ORH is the trading name of Operational Research in Health Limited, a company registered in England with company number 2676859.

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