Emergency Service Planning

ORH delivers a unique service which enables providers and commissioners of emergency services to resolve complex strategic and tactical planning problems.

We use analytical and modelling techniques based on proven Operational Research (OR) methods to produce robust planning solutions that are objective, evidence-based and quantified. ORH’s customised service is provided by experienced consultants, who have a thorough understanding of the operational characteristics of metropolitan and rural emergency services across the world.

What ORH offers:

  • An improved understanding of the emergency service across all stakeholder groups
  • Bespoke modelling tools to identify optimal solutions
  • An objective, independent assessment with clear supporting evidence
  • A flexible, open-minded and customer-centric approach

Learn more about ORH’s Emergency Service Planning.


ORH’s unique models have been developed over more than two decades and are designed to investigate the complex relationships between demand, performance, resources and efficiency. Models enable clients to explore the impact of individual or combinations of factors on their services, to ask “what if” questions in a controlled environment, and to test potential solutions thoroughly before implementation to minimise risk and maximise success.

ORH’s Simulation Models are computer programs which replicate the day-to-day operation of an emergency service. They include geographical locations and travel times to represent the critical spatial aspect of service provision, and can be used to evaluate how different options impact response times and resource utilisation. Read more about how simulation works.

ORH’s Optimisation Model uses a sophisticated, geographically based genetic algorithm to evaluate multiple options for resource locations. The model can be used to identify optimum resource deployments and station locations. Read more about how optimisation works.

ORH is the trading name of Operational Research in Health Limited, a company registered in England with company number 2676859.

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